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At the heart of every An Xing Tech solution

Incorporated in 2019 to spearhead IT Development, An Xing Technology Pte. Ltd. is known for mobile application capabilities that serve the global user. We attribute our rapid scale-up to our user’s growing demand to remain digitally-connected, while on the go.

With uncompromised integrity and reliability, An Xing Technology is committed to providing technologically-driven services that deliver results.

We pride ourselves in nurturing a Millennial team of highly-skilled digital natives.
Passionate about problem-solving and exceeding past results, we deliver Innovation and Progress.


To put users at the core of what we do in developing user-centric technologies that are life-changing and widely-adopted.


To secure a standing in the technological landscape as an in-house incubator for novel applications of emerging technologies.

The Core of
What We Do


An Xing Technology reinvents the consumer journey with breakthrough enhancements to existing processes.


Comprising a team of digital natives, An Xing Technology bridges the gap in our businesses’ sales and marketing funnel with the innovative application of emerging technologies.


We scale up our businesses’ production.

Our Products

FIDU Singapore

Revolutionizing the pandemic-fatigued property-viewing landscape

An Xing Tech presents a novel two-pronged solution for the Homebuyer’s immersive viewing and the Property Developer’s, Marketing Agency’s clientele outreach.

G App

Snacking in China made possible from home

G App presents a dedicated shopping platform to shop hot-favourite snacks from China. From the highly-raved 嗨吃家酸辣粉 to the usually inaccessible snacks, this shopping platform presents a secure and enjoyable shopping experience.

G Biz

For Onboarded Merchant Partners

G App boasts an Automated-transaction processing capability for the smooth journey of the Merchants’ goods to our consumers’ homes.